Tuesday’s Word

something that is fusty smells old, dusty, or damp

I dart a look at the doorway, again, though this time it’s not because of the noise. It can’t be because of the noise. His voice is barely above a whisper – my breathing sounds louder than him. But, oh, the words he’s saying. Those filthy, forbidden words, in a fusty old place like this …

 Stein, Charlotte (2013-01-24). Addicted (Mischief Books) (Kindle Locations 1799-1802). HarperCollins Publishers. Kindle Edition.

Definition from OneLook Online Dictionary


About Jessi Gage

Jessi lives with her husband and children in the Seattle area. She’s a passionate reader of all genres of romance, especially anything involving the paranormal. Ghosts, demons, vampires, witches, weres, faeries...you name it, she’ll read it. As for writing, she's sticking to Highlanders and contemporaries with a paranormal twist (for now). A career student (aka indecisive and inquisitive bookworm), Jessi brings her love of research to her worlds and characters. Her guiding tenet in her writing is that good always trumps evil, but not before evil gives good one heck of a run for its money. The last time she imagined a world without romance novels, her husband found her crouched in the corner, rocking.
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