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Along Came Trouble by Ruthie Knox

I love romance heroes who do it all. Which is why I’m tickled to introduce Caleb Clark, the very alpha ex-military hero in Ruthie Knox’s new release Along Came Trouble. Besides having an awesome name, Caleb runs a security company, maintains his parents’ ageing rental building, offers a job and opens his home to his sister while she recovers from a bad breakup, lends a supportive shoulder and a sympathetic ear to his pregnant best friend, keeps the crazies off the lawn of a local lawyer who happens to be the sister of a famous pop star, and romances the short-shorts off said lawyer in between rescuing puppies and saving the world. Okay, I made up the part about the puppies and the world-saving, but the rest of it is kosher. Did I mention he’s great with kids, too?

Along Came Trouble had me charmed from page one. Divorced mom Ellen must set boundaries in her life, otherwise she’ll lose all that hard-won independence she fought so hard for after leaving her adulterous ex. Caleb’s mission is to protect Ellen from the backlash of being the twin sister of a pop star and next-door neighbor to said pop star’s pregnant girlfriend. Both characters know what they want and aren’t afraid to negotiate their patoots off to get it. Unfortunately, they are both excellent negotiators, and compromise is the name of the game.

Will Ellen and Caleb ever get ALL of what they really want? You’ll have to read Along Came Trouble to find out. In the mean time, please enjoy these favorite lines of mine, and run out to pick up Ruthie Knox’s foray into the spicier side of small town life.

Rangy and muscular, his build fairly announced, I ran fifteen miles before you got up this morning, and I still have energy left to bayonet the enemy.–Kindle Location 161

Why did misery always come in such attractive packages?–Kindle Location 229

You had to be loud–she’d figured that out with Richard. You had to be louder than they were, stronger than they thought you could be, and so mean and cold and unforgiving, they called you names.–Kindle Location 235

“No, don’t worry, I had my romance gland removed.”–Kindle Location 452

   “I’m going to work now. Some of us have real jobs.”
   “I have a real job,” he protested. “I have to rehearse with the dancers this morning, and then I’m flying somewhere for a thing.”
   “A thing?”
   “I don’t know. A couple appearances, and interview, whatever. And then two shows this weekend. I’m very busy, very important.”–Kindle Location 497

She didn’t know where to set boundaries between herself and men. Especially this man. Still, it seemed pretty clear she didn’t need to hold the line at light bulbs.–Kindle Location 807

Thanks, Netgalley and Loveswept for the review copy of Along Came Trouble.

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