Tuesday’s Word

Assassin's Gambit (Hearts and Thrones, #1)Cantle
the back of a saddle seat

   Bouncing awkwardly on the saddle’s cantle, she looked back. The guards were jogging after them, but in a desultory way; they could not outrun a horse. Her poor bay was still staggering about.
   She wrapped her arms tightly around Lucien, not wanting to think about the image that kept pushing its way into her head: Bayard lying flat out on the ground while Ista tended him. She closed her eyes. Some decisions could never be unmade, some actions never undone. 

Raby, Amy (2013-04-02). Assassin’s Gambit: The Hearts and Thrones Series (Kindle Locations 2602-2605). Penguin Group US. Kindle Edition.

Definition from OneLook Online Dictionary

This wasn’t a new word for me (I used to ride and was one of those spoiled kids who had a horse in high school), but I like it. It’s one of those words to me that just soudns cool, and you don’t get to use it very often.


About Jessi Gage

Jessi lives with her husband and children in the Seattle area. She’s a passionate reader of all genres of romance, especially anything involving the paranormal. Ghosts, demons, vampires, witches, weres, faeries...you name it, she’ll read it. As for writing, she's sticking to Highlanders and contemporaries with a paranormal twist (for now). A career student (aka indecisive and inquisitive bookworm), Jessi brings her love of research to her worlds and characters. Her guiding tenet in her writing is that good always trumps evil, but not before evil gives good one heck of a run for its money. The last time she imagined a world without romance novels, her husband found her crouched in the corner, rocking.
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3 Responses to Tuesday’s Word

  1. Hi Jessi! I’ve missed your Tuesday Words! Had to fix my notifications 🙂 I actually knew this one, having grown up with horses! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Amy Raby says:

    Thanks for the mention! One of my favorite things about writing in the fantasy genre is I get to include some horse content 🙂

  3. Mae Clair says:

    I’ve only been riding twice, but years of reading and writing fantasy meant this was a familiar word to me. Like you said Jessi — a cool-sounding one! Lucky you with a horse of your own while you were in high school!

    Amy, I hit the name Lucien and melted. It’s one of my favorites. 🙂

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