Tuesday’s Word

Having an excess of bodily fluid, particularly blood.

He was red-faced, burly and plethoric, with a pair of very small twinkling eyes which looked keenly out from between swollen and puffy pouches.

Doyle, Sir Arthur Conan; Doma Publishing House (2013-03-12). Sherlock Holmes Collection: 4 Novels, 58 Stories, A Study in Scarlet, The Sign of the Four, The Hound of the Baskervilles, Valley of Fear, Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, Return of Sherlock Holmes MORE (Kindle Locations 3138-3139). Doma Publishing House. Kindle Edition.

This is another one care of my husband. Thanks, Shane!

About Jessi Gage

USA Today Bestselling Author Jessi Gage is addicted to happy-ever-after endings. She counts herself blessed because she gets to live her own HEA with her husband and children in the Seattle area. Jessi has the attention span of a gnat…unless there is a romance novel in her hands. In that case, you might need a bullhorn to get her to notice you. She writes what she loves to read: stories about love. Leave a comment to introduce yourself! There is no better motivation to finish her latest writing project than a note from a happy reader! Don't forget to sign up for Jessi’s newsletter so you’ll never miss a new release. Thanks for visiting!
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4 Responses to Tuesday’s Word

  1. Great word! I’m two for two 🙂 Looking forward to next week’s word!!

  2. Ooh… I dig it! So glad Kitt introduced me to your blog. 🙂

    • Jessi Gage says:

      I’m glad Kitt brought you over for a visit too! She’s so great! And so are you. I’ve been stalking you too, and I loved your recent post about self image and self love. Inspirational and much needed, IMHO.

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