Tuesday’s Word

Delicate Freakn' Flower (Freakn' Shifters, #1)Malaise
-a general feeling of being worried, unhappy or not satisfied
-a feeling that you are slightly sick, although you cannot say exactly what is wrong
-a situation in which a society or organization is not operating effectively

   Naomi’s head throbbed, and the yelling going on around her didn’t help, rather it added to her general malaise and irritation. What she did find comforting was the lap she found herself cuddled in. Strong arms held her close against a hard chest where a rapidly beating heart lulled her for a moment longer before sanity set in.
Whose freakn’ lap am I on?

Langlais, Eve (2011-06-30). Delicate Freakn’ Flower (Freakn’ Shifters (MFM)) (p. 25).  . Kindle Edition.


Definition from OneLook Online Dictionary

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USA Today Bestselling Author Jessi Gage is addicted to happy-ever-after endings. She counts herself blessed because she gets to live her own HEA with her husband and children in the Seattle area. Jessi has the attention span of a gnat…unless there is a romance novel in her hands. In that case, you might need a bullhorn to get her to notice you. She writes what she loves to read: stories about love. Leave a comment to introduce yourself! There is no better motivation to finish her latest writing project than a note from a happy reader! Don't forget to sign up for Jessi’s newsletter so you’ll never miss a new release. Thanks for visiting!
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