Free Publicity Fridays: Joanne Wadsworth

Warrior by Joanne Wadsworth

Warrior (Magio-Earth #2)I’m thrilled to welcome to my blog one of my Lyrical sisters, Joanne Wadsworth. The second in Joanne’s Earth-Magio series, Warrior is out now, and you don’t want to miss it. Warrior delves into themes of family and destiny, and is filled with breathtaking scenery and imaginative world-building.

A little birdie told me Joanne has won two SWOONY
SCENES awards for Protector, book 1 in the series, and Warrior. I’ve invited her here today to talk about her Earth-Magio series and to share these fabulous scenes with us. Take it away, Joanne!

Hi, and thank you so much for having me on your blog, Jessi.

There’s something infinitely exciting about writing young adult books, and even better, adding the magical element of fantasy, along with some sensational romance. My Magio-Earth series is all about soul-bound mates, destined to be together, yet separated by the terrible war between their two nations.

PROTECTOR, book one, leads this series and is the story of one young Earth woman who discovers she is soul-bound to a prince from another world.

WARRIOR, book two, is the story of Dralion’s princess and her soul-bound protector from the enemy nation.

And ENCHANTER, the third book in this series is set to release May 2014, and covers the journey of a young Peacian woman who learns she is soul-bound to a highly-skilled enemy warrior enchanter.

Each book in this series features a different hero and heroine, but the characters from all the books intertwine and you get to catch up with them all along the way. As such, the books can be read independently of each other, but of course as with most series, they’re more fun when read in order.

Both the first two books are now available, and I was thrilled to receive the SWOON AWARD for both PROTECTOR and WARRIOR. I’d love to share those two award-winning swoony scenes, and to give everyone a little taste of this series.


PROTECTOR (Book one)

— The Young Adult Bookworm Reviewer gave Faith and Davio’s first kiss their seal of approval. Here’s that scene…

“So, now what do we do?” I snuggled, discovering my need of him intensifying just as his obviously was. I watched the play of sunlight dancing through the window, crossing his face and highlighting his strong jaw and his mouth.

“Someone harmed you. Zac, Viv and Belle are just three members of the team I keep quite close to me. No one else will ever get through all of us to you again. But there will be rules. To ensure your safety I want you to–”

“Hold on.” I cut off his words by pressing a finger to his lips. Ooo, so soft. And what was with my fascination with his mouth?

His brows drew down, his forehead furrowing deeply. “Are you still not feeling well?”

“Oh, I’m more than well.” Then I slowly grinned and leaned in. “It seems I want more than your protection. I want you to kiss me.” That was the complete and honest truth.

That comment stopped him dead cold.

Then he inhaled, slowly, the sound so sweet as his breath stuttered a little. “Kiss you?” he murmured, his eyes now turning a melting hue of delicious brown.

“If you want?” I somehow managed to shrug my shoulders like it didn’t matter.

“I want to.” Then he closed that last little gap and there was nothing but his warm lips against mine. Every sound around me vanished as my world centered and became only him.

He had come to me at the first sign I was in trouble–no man had done that in my life.

My soul lifted and my heart soared.

Desire flared, and he pushed me against the soft comforter. He surrounded me, my mind captivated as we shared breath and a moment like no other.

My first kiss.


WARRIOR (book two)

Holly Underhill, YA/NA Reviewer — “I’m loving this series! So different and cool, and I just loved Silas and Hope’s relationship. 4.5 Stars.”

This reviewer had two swoony scenes which vied for attention. Here they are…

“Missed you. Really missed you.” He kissed me, so fiercely I almost fainted again. He pulled back, a bare inch, his gaze darting all over me. “How do you feel? Your heart’s finally beating right. I’ve been so worried. You won’t ever do that to me again. Do you hear me?”

I flicked out my hands as they tingled, as blood raced through and returned to them. Even the red patches of sunburn on the backs of my hands healed with my restored skill. I sighed and wrapped my arms around his neck. “Righto, but you deserve some more lip action, and not the telling-off sort.”

No sooner were the words out than he took my breath away with a soul-claiming kiss. So hot. His need swirled through me as I dug my mind deeper into my sweet spot.

Oh, I was not leaving his mind, or his mouth.

He stroked along my shoulders, down my sides and over my hips.

My heart raced.


Silas’s sword clattered to the ground as he rolled off the couch and stared at me. Then he was no longer there. He ’ported the ten feet then wrapped his arms around me like bands of steel. “Are you real?”

Cupping his face in my hands, I grinned. “Kiss me and find out.”

Pushing me against the wall at my back, he did, or devoured was more like it.

I couldn’t think straight, and in that instant I didn’t care. I wanted him and only him.

Oh sweet heaven. More.

“We need privacy.” I clutched his shirtfront, my world spinning. “Bedroom. Now.”


I hope you enjoyed those swoony scenes. I was certainly thrilled to receive the awards. It was a magical moment.

Thanks again for inviting me over, Jessi.

Thanks for coming, Joanne!

Warrior is fabulous. I’ve left it a review on Goodreads and Amazon. Feel free to follow suit as every review helps the author.

Buy PROTECTOR (Book One) at:
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6 Responses to Free Publicity Fridays: Joanne Wadsworth

  1. Mae Clair says:

    Hi, Joanne. Those swoon awards are well deserved! Series books are great especially when characters overlap but we get a new H/h with each novel. I loved PROTECTOR and am looking forward to reading WARRIOR. (and ENCHANTER when it’s released). Best of luck to you!

  2. Jessi Gage says:

    Thanks for sharing your swoony scenes, Joanne!

  3. Mary Merrell says:

    Joanne, the world you’ve built sounds intriguing. I like how the soul mates come from different planets and are sometimes at war. One of my favorite themes in romance.

    Mary E. Merrell

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