The Wolf Needs to Run

Cover Reveal & A Giveaway

It’s almost time to unleash Riggs, my half-fae-half-mythical-wolf, on unsuspecting romance readers everywhere!

When can I get my hands on The Wolf and the Highlander?

The Wolf and the Highlander (Highland Wishes #2) will be released at all the major e-retailers on May 1st! Look for it in print later in 2014, along with Highland Wishes #1 Wishing for a Highlander.

What?! I have to wait a whole month? No fair.

I hear you. But I’m still working hard on promoting my last release, Reckless (Blue Collar Boyfriends #1). A girl can only do so much!

But never fear. I’ve got a cover reveal for you below. I’m willing to give you a glimpse of Riggs to tide you over until I can get his story into the hands of readers.

If you’ve been chomping at the bit for another heaping helping of romance with a side of Scottish burr, head on over to Goodreads and mark The Wolf and the Highlander “To Read.”

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I don’t have any money. Can I still read The Wolf and the Highlander?

Yes! I’m giving away 3 copies and some other prizes. The giveaway will run the whole month of May.

If you’d like a head start, hop on over to Rafflecopter to enter for a chance to win:

  • 1st Prize: E-copy of The Wolf and the Highlander & $25 Amazon Gift Card
  • 2nd Prize: E-copy of The Wolf and the Highlander & $5 Amazon Gift Card
  • 3rd Prize: E-copy of The Wolf and the Highlander

And now, meet Riggs

The Wolf and the Highlander


Aren’t his eyes SO dreamy? And I love his hairy chest. Do you have any idea how hard it was to find a model with no manscaping? Seriously. It was tough work combing through all that stock photography of shirtless men, looking for one with just the right amount of manly hair, but I’m glad I kept my nose to the grindstone. This guy makes a great Riggs.

Thank you Kim Killion at The Killion Group for this gorgeous cover. Check out Kim’s other covers on her website. She’s a true talent in the world of romance covers, and her prices are excellent.

So what’s it about?

In a nutshell, The Wolf and the Highlander picks up where Wishing for a Highlander left off with Anya. That’s right, this one is about the villainess of the first in my Highland Wishes series. She has a chance to mend her ways and find redemption in the arms of a wolf-man with a huge axe (you thought I was going to say something else, didn’t you?).

Here’s the longer blurb:

Anya’s been a bad girl. A vindictive plot against one of her clansmen backfired, resulting in her grave injury. Now scarred and crippled, her selfish ambition has turned into bitter self-loathing. She finds nothing lovely about herself, and doesn’t expect anyone else to either. But when a magical wishing box sends her to another dimension, she becomes the most valuable prize imaginable.

While hunting a rare marbled boar, Riggs, a trapper in Marann’s western forest, hears a strange cry. Distracted from the hunt, he loses the sow but finds instead something more valuable than a whole cart packed with marbled boar skins. A woman. She is delicate, her teeth are small and flat, and her skin is curiously hairless. She is not wolfkind. Maybe she is the miracle his people have been hoping for.

Riggs must bring Anya to King Magnus, because breeding rights belong first and foremost to His Majesty, who needs an heir. But the female calls to a primal part of him. He longs to keep her in secret and take her as his mate. But if he gives in to the temptation, he could single handedly bring about the end of civilization.

Thanks for stopping by to help me celebrate my new cover and upcoming release. Leave a comment and let me know if you have a good redemption story to recommend.


About Jessi Gage

USA Today Bestselling Author Jessi Gage is addicted to happy-ever-after endings. She counts herself blessed because she gets to live her own HEA with her husband and children in the Seattle area. Jessi has the attention span of a gnat…unless there is a romance novel in her hands. In that case, you might need a bullhorn to get her to notice you. She writes what she loves to read: stories about love. Leave a comment to introduce yourself! There is no better motivation to finish her latest writing project than a note from a happy reader! Don't forget to sign up for Jessi’s newsletter so you’ll never miss a new release. Thanks for visiting!
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14 Responses to The Wolf Needs to Run

  1. Hi Jessi, Hoping I win Wolf and the Highlander.

    • Jessi Gage says:

      Good luck! And thanks for stopping by! You are the first person to mark WOLF “Want to read” on GR. I feel like you deserve something special for that. How about a feature on A Time to love for a recent release or for your Real Estate Paranormal series? Email me at jessigage “at” gmail “dot” com, and we’ll work something out!

  2. You know, he kind of looks like Rick, the sheriff from Walking Dead! I may not watch the show, but I recognize hot men. 😉

    • Oh my gosh, you’re right! He does look like Rick. It’s the intensity in the eyes, I think. I do watch the show, but I love Darrell. Even bought a T-shirt that says it. Sometimes, I’m goofy that way.

    • Jessi Gage says:

      He DOES! How cool! I’ll have to blast the book on the Walking Dead boards when it’s out, LOL! I found out the model’s name is Johnny Utah. How hot is that?!

  3. Mae Clair says:

    Congrats, Jessi. I really love how the covers in the series complement one another. And May 1st will be here before you know it. I’m sure Riggs is going to have lots of (reading) lasses chasing after him 😉

  4. Nice! Yes, all male models/actors seem to have hairless chests these days. It drives me crazy when I’m watching a show and a guy is playing a character from another era and he has no chest hair. Really?!

    Sounds like a great read. Good luck with your release!

  5. Harliqueen says:

    This sounds really awesome, definitely on my to-read list when it comes out!

  6. Maisie Gosnell says:

    Can’t wait to read this! I loved the first book!

  7. collenga says:

    Sexy cover! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Congrats on your new release Jessi! Wishing you loads of success! Seattle Authors know how to rock it! *hugs* Shelbie =)

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