Choose this Highlander: Choosing the Highlander now in Audio Book!

Highland Wishes Book 3 Is Now Available In Audio!

Choosing the Highlander - AudiobookWhen I discovered the joy of listening to romance novels in the car, my commute became 150% more awesome. I knew that as an author, I had to get in on this growing market. I’m so glad I did.

Hearing my time-travel romances narrated by the amazing Marian Hussey has been one of the neatest parts of being an author. Characters come alive in a whole new way.

Whether or not you’ve read/listened to the first two books in this series (Wishing for a Highlander and The Wolf and the Highlander), you can get this audio book and not be lost. Choosing the Highlander works fine as a stand-alone, and is, in fact, a prequel to book 1, Wishing for a Highlander. 

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Love is anything but sensible

As a mechanical engineer in 1981 Chicago, Connie designs plumbing systems. She has also designed her life to perfection, right down to the man she hopes to marry. But when Mr. Right proposes, she can’t say yes. A head-clearing vacation brings her to the Scottish Highlands, where her free-spirited twin wishes for Connie to find true love. Neither sister expects the wish to send Connie hurtling five hundred years into the past.

Wilhelm Murray, heir to the barony of Dornoch, hopes to one day hold a seat in parliament and bring urgently needed reform to Scotland. But everything changes when a woman slated for execution proclaims her innocence using the most peculiar language. Powerfully attracted to the brave beauty, he rescues her even though it means becoming a fugitive and forfeiting his dream.

As Connie and Wilhelm evade capture, she discovers his passion for justice. Scotland needs his ideas. It needs him. And so does she. But in order to clear Wilhelm’s name, she will have to turn her back on everything she’s worked so hard for and embrace the magic of love.

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How to get your hands on CHOOSING THE HIGHLANDER

If you already own the Kindle version:

Add Audible Narration1.Log into your Amazon account and go to the product page for CHOOSING THE HIGHLANDER. Click “Add Audible narration.” For a limited time, you can get it for just $3.47 if you already own the ebook.

2. Download the Audible app on your smart phone or wherever you listen to music & books. CHOOSING will show up in your library.

If you don’t yet own the ebook or didn’t get it at Amazon

Log into your account or start a FREE 30 Day Trial

Audible Free Trial_how-audible-works
Make CHOOSING THE HIGHLANDER or any of my Highland Wishes novels your first Audible audio book and you’ll get it for free!

After your 30 Day Trial is over, you pay $14.95 per month and Audible gives you 1 credit per month, the equivalent of 1 audio book ($20-$30 value).

Get it on iTunes

I’m not an iTunes user, so I don’t know how to buy audiobooks there. It’s listed at $21.95 in the iTunes store. That’s an option if you’re not an Amazon or Audible person.


1. In your car. Make your commute 150% more awesome.

2. While folding laundry. You’ll look forward to the chore you used to avoid at all costs.

3. While gardening…to drown out the sounds of all that pesky wildlife.

4. In bed. Help yourself wind down…or rev up, depending on what part of the book you’re in *winks*

But Jessi, I’m not tech-savvy enough to figure out audio books

vinylNever fear, passionate vinyl listener or 8-track aficionado. I’m here for you.

I’m not super tech savvy myself, but I do own a smart phone, and getting started with Audible was painless.

Start by downloading the Audible app from whichever app store you use. Use your Amazon log-in info or sign up for a new account, and Audible will hold your hand from there.

So will I. Drop me a line if you have any questions, and we can tackle your technophobia together!

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