Crochet Patterns


2020 Seedling Wrap by Jessi Gage, patten below

This page is totally unrelated to writing. I guess I have creative ADD  because I can’t focus on a single creative exercise. I write, then I crochet. Then I have to write. Then I need a break from the thinking and just want to crochet. It goes back and forth like that.

Here’s a page for patterns I wrote myself and links to patterns I love. I hope you enjoy!

I am in love with wraps. They work up relatively quickly and can be worn a multitude of ways. My favorite yarn to work with is fine or fingering yarn, the softer the better. My new favorite is Loops and Threads Woolike.

The pros of this yarn are that it’s super soft and super affordable. It looks amazing and feels even better. It gets an A+ in wearability.

The cons: It’s hard to find in the colors you want. Michaels carries Loops and Threads yarn, but at my local store, there are only ever a few colors of this awesome yarn.

I found a nice variety of colors on Ebay, so I went ahead and paid the crazy shipping to get my hands on enough colors that I could be inspired. Sure enough, when the box came, my imagination went wild!


I instantly wanted to make a wrap using every color in the box. Here’s the pattern for the wrap I designed. It’s free to use. I just ask that you don’t sell the pattern or anything you make from it.

My WIP is pictured above! I can’t wait to post a finished wrap!

Show me your projects! Have fun crocheting! (Then go read one of my books, lol!)

2020_Seedling Wrap