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May Read-O-Thon

Tomorrow it begins! Yesterday, I finished Road Rage, my contemporary/ghost-story romance. I’m thrilled to have met my goal of finishing it by the end of April becuase tomorrow starts my May Read-O-Thon. I have vowed not to write (work on any … Continue reading

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Free Publicity Fridays

I’m in the middle of reading a long book right now that I will probably be recommending in Free Publicity Fridays next week. But this week, I got nada for book reviews. So instead, I’m plugging my friend, Candace Havens’ … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s Word

Druthers noun:  the right or chance to choose (“Given my druthers, I’d eat cake”) He wanted to spend what might be his last hour with her, close to the fire, holding her in his arms. His druthers were to strip off … Continue reading

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Deadline to Road Rage

It started yesterday when I forgot what day it was and posted Free Publicity Friday a day early (talk about a D’oh moment!). After realizing my mistake, I looked at my calendar, and I thought about how challenging it’s been trying to finish my current … Continue reading

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Free Publicity Fridays

After reading a wonderful review of Ruthie Knox’s  Ride with Me (see review here:, I bought it, devoured it, took notes in it, and added it to my mental top 10 romance novels list. Why, you ask? Because … Continue reading

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Tuesday’s Word

In celebration of my brand new publishing contract for WISHING FOR A HIGHLANDER, I’m devoting all four of April’s editions of Tuesday’s Word to words of British and Scottish origin. Today’s word: Vetch noun any of various climbing leguminous plants … Continue reading

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Originally posted on Kristen Lamb's Blog:
  Want to know the secret to success? Quitting. Yes, you heard me correctly. And, if you’re a creative professional, it is in your interest to learn to get really good at quitting.…

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